Chris Winsor

Machine Learning Engineer, Software Developer

I am a Machine Learning Engineer focusing on Machine Vision and Natural Language Processing.

I love to turn research papers into proof-of-concept implementations, and “kick the tires” on new ML techniques. I’m looking for more projects like the ones below so free to reach out!

Chris  (

Markov Logic Network is a new and exciting technique for modeling systems that have structure but are inherently probabilistic.

Kaggle PLAsTiCC: A survey of approaches for classification of an aperiodic timeseries dataset from Kaggle.

StarChaser: This is a web-app to demonstrate Machine Learning integrated into an every-day Website/app.  It uses TensorFlow, Postgres, Django and a little JavaScript.  PresentationGame (USERNAME=Bob PASSWORD=password)

Tri-Training: Use unlabeled data for supervised learning! The paper is from an Amazon researcher in Cambridge MA and was used for wake-word detection but the approach can be applied anywhere.

Whole-image Classification using Kiras/Tensorflow: This is a self-driving car that (in realtime) classifies images from a front-mounted camera.  It is an end-to-end Tensorflow CNN deployed to Raspberry Pi.

The Bootstrap: A principled technique to establish statistical significance to test results. Combined with T-tests this is important to have in the tool belt.

Machine Learning

Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIOT)

Probabilistic Graphical Models

Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Machine Vision